Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Base Plan

We have started on our first two blocks, they are D-1 and D-2. I'll be adding each one to the Base Plan as we get them finished.

The Arty Tarts

We are the "Arty Tarts", (ie: Wilma, Lyn & me) and we have set ourselves a SMALL challenge... We have decided to do a "Baby Jane" Quilt. We read about Dear Jane Quilts from other Blogs and also the official Web Site of Brenda Manges Papadakis called "Dear Jane"
The three of us are working in limbo at the moment, and we want to do some kind of long-term project. So we have decided to start our Baby Jane, one each, they will all be different from each other. We meet each week and we will be deciding which block to do next etc. We will also be helping each other with techniques, colours, and general information on each of the blocks.
Our excitement is running high about this project and we are looking forward to doing a long term quilt. Our main resource of information is from the Dear Jane Book